Thursday, February 24, 2005

Social Engineering -- Yassuh, Massuh

All kinds of social engineering by your rulers of you slaves on the Amerikan New World Order Plantation.

The excuses by The Powers That Be (TPTB) is that it's all the "fault" of traffic, terrorism, environmental, etc.,. etc. concerns.

If TPTB wanted to do some EFFECTIVE social engineering that would address a basic problem, it would be to STOP subsidizing the indiscriminate dropping of litters of human spawn by so-called humans with no more foresight than cats, rats, and dogs. That subsidizing, that has to stop, includes "public" education, tax deductions, aid to welfare mothers and their car-jackers-in-training, etc.

Now, that would mean BIRTH CONTROL AND ABORTION. So, fat chance, since most people are religious, thus demonstrably idiots, no matter that they can rapidly emit utterances from their mouths, obtain prestigious business, academic, and government positions, or score above 100 on an IQ test.

(By the way, if the average score on the IQ test is a little more than 100, just consider that about HALF those taking it have IQ scores BELOW 100. And they have cell phones.)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Born Again" Atheists

Every now and then I get some sort of response to something which generally is quite sane, but then the writer goes off on a "GOD" tangent. Which is completely inane, irrelevant, and superfluous.

Re "god" -- fuggedaboudit. Not a factor, since non-existent.
(Not going to debate religion -- I am a "born again atheist".
Everyone is born an atheist -- and most are soon programmed into some religion or another, which NEVER changes. Only a few of us throw off such superstition to again become atheists -- "born again atheists".)

Government and Banking Enable Identity Theft

The government, the central banking system (Federal Reserve), credit card companies, and credit reporting bureaus set up a big-brother numbering system that FACILITATES identity theft, then offer to "protect" you against that -- for a "nominal" fee (times millions of "customers"). How SWEET!

Corporate Amerika -- especially the ID theft enablers Microsucks and Intel who are more interested in bells and whistles than security, and more interested in enabling the government and other corporations to track you rather than protecting your privacy -- also are your identity security enemies.

So also are all the techno-weenies and pointy-haired managers who think up and deploy crapola such as RFID chips and supermarket "loyalty" (discount) "membership" cards.