Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oil Wars in the Mid-East (Iran, Iraq) - the Reason is Out-of-Control Population Growth

Why the Wars for Oil in the Mid-East cesspools of Iraq and Iran (coming soon)? The reason is out-of-control overpopulation growth.

If people worldwide had not -- and were still not -- breeding like effing cats, rats and dogs with no thought of consequence, there would not have been a "need" to go to those cesspool Arab lands filled with humans even stupider than those in the U.S., Europe, Asia, India, and South- and Central-America, in search of oil.

If not for a population far in excess of sustainable carrying capacity, the effing Arab wogs would have remained impoverished, backwater, irrelevant, if it were not for their oil. So, all the breeders have caused a hornet's nest, empowered by oil money, to be loosed upon the world.

And "our" governments don't mind -- Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Gore -- THEIR asses are safe, and they have a great "excuse" to increase control over the sheeple, and me as collateral damage.

Eff'em all -- the power-sucking governments -- politicians and bureaucrats. Eff'em all -- the slave religions and their sheep -- the Christians, Jews, Muslims.