Sunday, November 16, 2008

California Brush Fires Destruction - The Reasons Why

California Brush Fires Destruction - The Reasons Why

There are several reasons why every year in western states such as California, and Southern California, in particular, there are devastating brush fires.

One reason, in case you haven't noticed, most of the areas are dry. There is little rain. The vegetation that does grow naturally, burns easily and rapidly.

Next, government policies are to put out all small fires as soon as possible. That leads to an accumulation of unburned vegetation, which creates a setting for HUGE future fires.

The reason for putting out small fires is that people have built in the dry areas, and they don't want their stuff burned out.

Now, ask yourself, why do people build in dangerous areas? One reason is stupidity. Another reason is, "everybody has to live somewhere".

The ROOT reason is accelerating overpopulation. New population has no place to go except for more dangerous and undesirable locations. Is that so fricking hard to understand? Thanks to generations of uncontrolled breeding -- that is, thanks to people dropping litters of spawn with no more forethought than cats, rats, and dogs -- we have a catastrophic overpopulation problem.

As long as population keeps increasing, and is not REDUCED, the problems of fires in particular, and of the environment, energy, ocean fishery depletion... will continue to WORSEN.

Note to religious wackos - Catholics, fundamentalist Christians, Mormons, Muslims... "If you are against birth control and ABORTION, you are a f-ing idiot -- LITERALLY!"

Note to lefty loonies, environmentalists... "Whatever your cause, it is a LOST CAUSE without population control."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Solace from Quantum of Solace

No Solace from Quantum of Solace.

I was going to see the new James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace", but after reading several reviews, I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll rent it someday. But that "someday" list is huge.

Why I probably won't see it is that it doesn't seem to be a real Bond movie. It has been likened to a Bourne action film, only not as good. If I wanted to see a Jason Bourne movie, I would go see one. Or a Transporter movie. Or a Batman or Spiderman movie. And I have seen several of those. When I go see a Bond movie, I want it to be a Bond movie.

I don't want a Bond movie that is solely action without the James Bond movie trappings. And worse, one that is politically correct in the modern sense in that violence is OK, but T&A and sex is not. And that has to have "feelings" to cater to the potential female audience.

I want babes -- lots of them -- in bikinis or harem pants in various scenes. There has to be a female villain/accomplice in a bikini or negligee. There has to be a inadvertent female ally. I want Bond to have sex with them. UN-safe sex. Pump and dump. I want Bond to be tough and ruthless in some scenes and charming in others. There has to be a casino scene with Bond in a tuxedo. A wet suit temporarily over it is optional. Bond has to somewhere in the movie introduce himself as, "Bond, James Bond". He has to have a martini, "shaken, not stirred". (Oh, sorry, I guess martinis are so passé.)

Gadgets don't need to be overdone, but where is "Q"? Where is Moneypenny? And we don't need to have an "equal opportunity" female "M". (Sorry, Dame Dench.)

Finally, "Quantum of Solace" is extremely short because it is all action, without the trappings (call them gimmicks -- so what?) that would make it a real James Bond movie. I want my money's worth. I want to linger over it like a fine wine, not like chugging a 7-11 Big Gulp.

Fortunately, I have tapes and DVDs of most of the old James Bond movies. Which one should I next view again?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Alcohol Auto Fuel - Break the Oil Company Monopoly

Alcohol Auto Fuel - Break the Oil Company Monopoly
Run your car on cheaper alcohol NOW!

David Blume
interviewed on Coasttocoastam radio

Blume's site is talking about replacing gasoline with alcohol. Convert back part of your office building or your garage (less space required than a car) to build a still.
IRS tax credits, maybe also Calif. credits.
Cost about $1500 if you can weld yourself, to build one to put out 100 gallons a day. Sells for a little less than gasoline. And a lot less than gasoline a few months ago, and in the future.
Most cars can be converted or re-tuned to run on it. Alcohol damage to newer cars is an oil company promoted myth. (Brazil imports negligible oil).
Blume recommends to set up a sales area in back of your building or form a coop in a corner of an abandoned strip mall.
You will have to find a source of material to distill, which could be a problem out there in the desert, though. Sugar beets, cane, corn, KELP... Or a small patch of land irrigated to grow cattails would be all you need. I don't recall the area mentioned (maybe a 50' x 1000' plot ??)

SAFER and cleaner than gasoline. Fords back in early 1900s would run on either gas or alcohol, but oil companies got alcohol off the market (prohibition was not about drinking)

And, alcohol lends itself to local production and strengthening local communities instead of big corporations, big banks, and big government.

Almost any car from 1980s on can go 50% right now with no modifications.
Caution -- this will clean your engine, ;) , so the gunk removed from internal parts will end up in oil, so you will need to change your oil after your engine has been cleaned out.
Another caution, :) , on full alcohol, some engine computers will turn on engine warning lights, since emissions are so low, that the computer thinks a smog sensor has failed.