Thursday, December 21, 2006

Diamonds for Christmas? Only if on a Wristwatch!

Yes, diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they are not her qualified financial advisor. The value of diamonds is maintained only by the crumbling control of the South African De Beers Group cartel. Were it not for that control, the prices of diamonds would be even substantially less than they are now. Their prices have declined over the years, and they will likely continue to do so.

That being said, diamonds ARE pretty to look at. But the wise gift-giver will look upon them as merely an attractive adornment to the actual gift itself. That gift can be a bracelet, earrings, a brooch, a necklace, etc., where the main value is in the design, workmanship, and in the gold, silver, or platinum comprising the piece to which the diamonds are an adornment, and which may be accompanied by even more actually valuable stones such as rubies, for example.

One more gift I did not mention above, as I saved the best for last, is the luxury wristwatch. Yes, you can get a Timex or some no-name drugstore watch, and it will serve you just fine. But for something you, or that someone to whom you give one as a gift, will find most admirable, as well as utilitarian, a fine wristwatch is a gift nonpareil.

There are so many choices amongst wristwatches, you do need to educate yourself somewhat. Websites such as Prestige Fine Watches offer links to various manufacturers and dealers, glossaries of horological terms, and articles. The modern wristwatch, regardless of price range, is a marvel of mechanical technology. With a higher priced wristwatch, you will receive a piece with more features (called "complications" in the industry), more accuracy, finer workmanship, and yes, frankly, more cachet.

Regardless of what you pay, even if you happen to overpay somewhat, a fine wristwatch is something that you or your loved one will love to own. You can't go wrong if you choose from the offerings of a quality manufacturer. After narrowing your choices, go to the various manufacturer's websites and look for how they ensure that you will receive what you pay for from a dealer. With that caveat, get yourself something you can admire for a lifetime. Or if it is for a loved one, by all means get one adorned tastefully with diamonds and/or other jewels. But remember, it is the wristwatch, not the diamonds, that is the real value.

For a superb selection of wristwatches, go to

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So What if the Jews Killed Jesus?

Jews need to take the bull by the horns and address Christians ragging on them for "killing Jesus".

I suggest something like:

"So what if the Jews BACK THEN had another Jew, Jesus, killed (by the Romans)?"

"What business is it of YOURS? You didn't even HAVE a religion then. And if it weren't for the (alleged) fact that the Jews did have Jesus killed, you wouldn't have your stupid religion TODAY!"

BTW, I am an atheist, so f' all you religious wackos. Happy holidays. ;>)

See also "The Plain Truth about Christmas!"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Search Engine Rankings - Just a High School Popularity Contest

A recent article about the effects of peer pressure on music popularity and stocks (stock market) popularity appeared in

While the article discusses music and stocks, another example would be the fallacy of Google's search engine page ranking and display algorithm.

The most popular pages get more hits and links to them, which bumps them higher in Google's rankings, which means they get more hits and links to them, which bumps them higher...

Google's vaunted ranking "methodology" is no more sophisticated than a high school popularity contest.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Day Without a Mexican

Last summer there was shown a semi-serious, semi-comedic movie called "A Day without a Mexican". The thesis was that, "what if all the Mexicans upon whom we are all so highly (supposedly) dependent were to disappear for a day?" Chaos would supposedly ensue. Who would bus the dishes, who would blow dirt from one area to another with leaf-blowers, who would do all the shoddy carpet and dry-wall installations, etc?

One of the biggest "oh my god" areas is that agriculture would come to a screeching halt. "We're all going to starve to death!!" Jeez, how did we manage before all the Mexicans?

Well, I submit that if you took half the population of any city, state, whatever, away for a day, chaos would ensue, regardless of the ethnicity or job description mix of the "taken". A moot point.

BTW, I have traveled through the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. Amazingly, in many areas, Caucasian and Indian (aka "Native Americans" to the pussy-wuss politically correct contingent) teenagers and adults seemed to have no trouble handling the workload at restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and building sites. Yes, in the agricultural towns, it's all Mexican. But that is because you have to prove that you are illegal and that you speak no English in order to get those jobs.

Jim Thompson, of Los Angeles, had a great letter published in the "Los Angeles City Beat" newspaper on 2004 September 2 detailing the absurdity that illegal aliens are absolutely necessary for our agricultural economy.


... Let us assume that the 12 million illegal illegal aliens (mostly Mexicans) moved back to Mexico, where they plan to wait for Americans to beg them to come back and "save" the U.S. economy. I would predict that, after one year, taxpayers would save enormous sums of money because:

1) Public school class sizes will drop, causing less schools to be built.
2) Many social services offices will close.
3) Almost all graffiti will cease.
4) Violent crime rates will drop to record lows.
5) Drive-by shootings will decrease.
6) Gang problems will lessen.
7) The number of pedestrians hit by cars will fall.
8) The number of drunk-driving-related car accidents will fall.
9) Freeway accidents will come to an all-time low.
10) Police departments will lay off officers.
11) Many jails will close.
12) Government costs will drop when all printed material will be in English only.

More good predictions:

13) Average student scores at public and private schools all across America will rise.
14) Automobile traffic will drop to comfortable levels.
15) Less air pollution as old cars driven by illegal aliens will no longer be on the road.
16) A virtual full employment at good wages as businesses compete for workers.
17) Citizen kids will now get jobs at fast-food restaurants.
18) We will be able to understand the people at the drive-through windows at fast-food restaurants and we will get what we ordered.
19) Hospital emergency rooms will be much less crowded and willhelp save more lives.
20) Many state budgets will be easier to balance.
21) Insurance costs will go down.
22) Many neighborhoods will be less crowded.
23) No more loitering day workers in the cities.
24) Most boom-box manufacturers will go out of business.
25) Third World diseases like TB will be gone.
26) Many tattoo shops frequented by gangs will close.
27) Those hideous, illegal cock- and dog-fights will be gone.
28) Obesity levels will drop as citizens mow their own lawns, paint their houses, and wash their cars...

I wonder how long it will be when American [sic] will want to call them back? I hope they don't hold their breath!

[end quote]

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dealing with Jail and Prison "Racial Tensions"

Officials (and the public) have to realize that they are dealing essentially with primitive, ignorant, savage tribes. There is nothing that can be done, short of completely subjugating them and wiping out their leaders. Only then is there any possibility of civilizing and educating the remainder.

BTW, that applies as well to the Middle East.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006