Sunday, August 19, 2007

Procter & Gamble - My Zest for Zest Bath Bars is Gone

Some marketing weasel at Procter & Gamble probably got a huge bonus for coming up with the “kewl” new shape for Zest Deodorant bath/shower bars which allowed them to reduce the weight from 5 oz. to 4 oz., a full 20% reduction, while keeping the box size and price the same.

And, the further genius of the idea is that while the old shape wore down to just one sliver to discard, the new one wears down and then breaks into two slivers. Each of those slivers is about the same size as the one sliver resulting from the old style bar. So even more is rendered unusable and wasted. Pure genius.

The only problem: How many more besides me are going to say: “Screw you, you effing corporate weasels”? I am no longer going to buy Zest, even though I have been a decades-long user, even from the time before they changed the shape from a 6 oz. or so block to the 5 oz. oval. Their latest “nickel and dime-ing” went too far.

I am going to switch brands, and if other manufacturers have done similar, I'll switch to generic dish washing liquid with which to shower.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Single Mother Complaints About Finding a Man.

A single mother, 26 years old, with two kids, complains that she has found it impossible to get a guy to stick around. She says she is in good shape, and is probably an "8", maybe a "9". So what is wrong, she asks?

Well, what is wrong is that she has two kids already at age 26. Sorry to say, but that means she is screwed, and I don't mean sexually.

Even though she considers herself "hot", it is quite likely that most guys see her differently. And even if she is actually an "8" or "9" she is going to have to lower her sights drastically and settle for some guy that doesn't have much going for himself and/or is not nearly so good-looking as she thinks she is or that she thinks she deserves.

It's going to be a hard go to find some guy willing to take on a "package deal" and raise some other guy's kids.

To be frank, in this day and age, kids are an expensive luxury. And there are so many legal, criminal and financial traps involved. Why should good looking guys with something going for themselves settle for that baggage when there are so many girls without it?

It's too late for this gal, but she should have considered the consequences when she was 16, 20, 24 (she didn't say how old here kids were) and went ahead with the pregnancies.

She COULD have had abortions, you know. Maybe she's religious and doesn't believe in abortion? Well, if she is so religious, she shouldn't be having sex anyway. Right? If so, she is a hypocrite, and follows her religion only when it suits her, and ignores it otherwise. Religion is for the stupid and ignorant. And yes, most people are both stupid, ignorant and religious. So what else is new?

And, she COULD have waited until at least 25 or later to start spawning. Waiting until her and her potential impregnators have a bit of maturity can also reduce the single mother epidemic of which she is a part.

All of you bimbos who just can't wait to drop litters, wake up. You are f'ing idiots - literally.