Friday, August 06, 2010

Islam - The Religion of Peace, Tolerance, Freedom and Compassion - Allah Akbar

Hot damn, those Muslim boys shore do know how to keep their uppity wimmin in line -- chop off their ears and nose if they sass back.

And Allah is merciful, he commanded that the tits not be chopped off. (Not so sure about the clitoris, though -- that may have already been long gone. [clitoridectomy]) Allah Akbar.

Time magazine covers.

She "got off" easy. To see more horrific really pitiful pictures illustrating the downright evil that Islam instills in its followers, see

Christianity is also evil, but it has "calmed down" quite a bit over the last few centuries. All the Abrahamic religions are stupid and evil. (And also most others.)

But a threat to humanity of an order of magnitude greater Christianity is Islam.

If you are a Muslim, a Muslim lover, a Muslim sympathizer, a "liberal" Muslim, a woo-woo kumbaya believer in an Islam of love, peace, tolerance, freedom, and/or compassion -- you are, frankly, a effing idiot.

For an excellent analysis, see

BTW -- We do not need to import Muslims. We do not need their effing mosques in New York City or anywhere else in the U.S. We do not need their women illustrating their subjection by wearing their stupid gowns, headdresses, scarves. If they want to remain Muslim, let them stay in their goat and camel effing pest hole countries. If they are escaping oppression, they should leave the source of their oppression behind, and renounce their stupid-ass religion when they leave.

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